The Occupational and Environmental Health Network (OEHN) was established in 2004. Today, we are a multi million dollar privately owned company, based in central Massachusetts. OEHN provides premier employee health solutions for corporate and hospital occupational health departments throughout New England. OEHN has become the recognized leader in this field by providing an expert body of knowledge to employers, insurers, employees and healthcare providers. Some of the Occupational Health solutions that OEHN offers include:

  • Disability Management
  • Medical Director
  • Police and Fire Services
  • Ergonomic and Industrial Hygiene
  • Employee Psychological Health

OEHN is supported by a team of Board Certified Occupational Health physicians, program management staff, project managers and consultants. Our network of hospital partners and a local, regional and national network of occupational medicine resources provide organizations, hospitals, disability management providers and the government with a comprehensive portfolio of occupational medicine solutions.

Why do so many world class companies and educational institutions insist on our services?

OEHN is the catalyst and the distinct provider of superior employee health services to its many stakeholders across the occupational and employee health market. Our management team and staff focus on providing the optimal level of dedication, commitment and expertise in delivering the highest level of clinical care.

OEHN works cooperatively with our clients to create employee health programs that meet the unique needs of employers, workers, and insurers by…

  • Reducing the level of illness and injury,
  • Reducing the cost of lost work days, and
  • Reducing the overall cost of healthcare.

This tactic ultimately creates a healthier, more productive workforce which is especially critical in the current economy. Indeed, the focused care of employees improves the health of large employee populations and, ultimately, causes a positive impact on the quality and cost of care for society in general.

Contact OEHN via email at OEHNInfo@OEHN.net or by phone at 508 251 7260.