Fit for Duty and Psychological Exam Solutions

OEHN staff brings over 30 years of service to the clinical psychology arena. Adhering to a consistently high level of values, what is ed OEHN offers a wide range of services for individuals and corporations.

  • Psychological Services Specifically for Police and Fire
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Pre-Employment Evaluation
  • Mitigating Liablity and Risk Assessment
  • Expert Testimony
  • Consultations

Psychological Services Specifically for Police and Fire

OEHN has extensive experience and expertise in providing pre-placement physicals and fitness-for-duty exams for Police and Fire departments throughout New England. Whether the need is for an evaluation of a candidate for hire or for a current employee who may present a potential risk, this OEHN is ready to meet your requirements. More…

Fitness for Duty

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation is often called when an appointing authority has raised a serious concern about an employee, view such as a police officer, a firefighter or a medical service provider, doctor, nurse or allied health professional. More…

Pre-Employment Evaluation

OEHN’s experience has taught them that they cannot evaluate performance as, such as the work a pilot performs – but they can look at psychological components that could reduce training, supervision and risk. More…

Mitigating Liability and Risk Assessment

Do you have a disgruntled employee? One who has made threats in the workplace and you wonder: “Are these threats something to be concerned about?” “Is this employee a liability to you, your other employees and your organization?” Dr. Mullaly’s Risk Assessment and Mental Status exam can evaluate this employee and provide you with a comprehensive report and suggestions on how to handle the employee. More…

Expert Testimony

Psychological characteristics, level and quality of motivation, personality traits, psychopathology, and historical behavioral patterns often have significant bearing on legal issues, and the outcome of a case may rest on the expert testimony regarding a litigant’s psychological profile. More…


Consultative services that are available through Mullaly Associates, usually take the form of an initial interview with the referring source or appointing authority, most often regarding Pre-employment selection or a specific Fitness for Duty Evaluation. More…