Consultative services are available through OEHN, search usually taking the form of an initial consultation with the referring source or appointing authority, most often regarding Pre-employment selection or a specific Fitness for Duty Evaluation, focused on a specific case.  The Consultation on the Fitness for Duty Evaluation is usually the most involved and will often require some review of the facts in the case and the clear formulation of the specific referral question. 

A determination of an appropriate referral involves the development of the opinion that the evaluation is warranted and justified under these circumstances and that the professional opinion to be rendered can be developed within a reasonable degree of professional certainty. The referral question must be found relevant to proceed and the stipulations of inquiry must be carefully crafted for the specific evaluation and provide useful information to the appointing authority.

Consultation services might also involve “education” and the development of a specific programs, for referents, for supervisors and for staff. One program addresses “stress management” and often involves a related program, “anger management.”  The “education” program can be developed for a group training session or series and/or for individual cases.

OEHN provides a wide range of Consultation and Education services, including programs for Employee Assistance Programs and to individuals who might be referred through Employee Assistance Programs.