Pre-Employment Evaluation

Psychologists have been involved in the screening and selection process for years.  World War II and the Selective Service Act witnessed the development of more reliable psychological tests and procedures for the selection of military personnel.  The process has continued and more recently has extended to the pre-employment process for persons with public safety positions.  The areas receiving most attention recently have been Law Enforcement, and Fire and Rescue Personnel (Emergency Medical Technicians).  There has also been an extension to other personnel areas with high levels of sensitivity and  risk pertaining to public safety, including a range of medical personnel, not only Emergency Medical personnel (Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics) but also other direct care medical personnel, including doctors, nurses and other medical/technical support staff (e.g. laboratory personnel).

In pre-employment evaluations, OEHN’s staff uses a series of screens to determine if an individual is fit for the current position.  This screening includes: interviews, reference tests, psychological tests.