Psychological Services for Police and Fire Departments

OEHN has extensive experience and expertise in providing pre-placement physicals and fitness-for-duty exams for Police and Fire departments throughout New England. Whether the need is for an evaluation of a candidate for hire or for a current employee who may present a potential risk, OEHN is ready to meet your requirements.


Pre-Employment Evaluation

OEHN uses a series of screens, tests and interviews to determine if a potential employee is fit for a position.

· The Pre-employment Evaluation is usually requested for persons in public safety positions, such as Law

Enforcement, and Fire and Rescue Personnel.

· The evaluation includes: face-to-face interviews, reference tests, psychological tests.

· The interview process may include an assessment of the candidate’s character, family tradition, and sense of duty as it relates to the position in question.

Fitness for Duty

OEHN brings a wide range of clinical experience to the task of Fitness for Duty.

· A Fitness for Duty Evaluation is called when a concern has been raised about an employee who has been

observed in connection with a potentially dangerous incident or situation.

· Our combination of psychological tests and face-to-face interviews represent an essential aspect of the

assessment process.

· A final comprehensive report presented to the appointing authority and other key personnel includes a

collection of collateral information from interviews and other consultations.

Liability and Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the determination of threat as it relates to a

situation and/or a recognized menace.

· A Liability and Risk assessment is oftentimes called for individuals such as a disgruntled employee; especially one who has made threats in the workplace.

· This type of employee makes you ask: “Is this employee a liability to you, your other employees and/or your company?”

· OEHN’s Assessment and Mental Status exam evaluates this type employees, provides a comprehensive report and makes suggestions on how to handle them.