On-Site Medical Director Solutions

OEHN delivers premier onsite Medical Director Leadership and program oversight for employee and occupational health departments across the country.  OEHN is supported by a team of Board Certified Occupational Health Physicians, program management staff, project managers and consultants.  Its network of hospital clinics and a local, regional and national network of occupational medicine resources provide organizations, hospitals, disability management providers and the government with a comprehensive portfolio of occupational medical solutions which includes… 

  • Occupational Health Department leadership
  • Bio-Safety lab oversight
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Chemical exposure estimates and health impact evaluation
  • Emergency health management
  • Toxicological effects of chemicals and other agents
  • Construction safety

OEHN provides occupational health departments throughout New England with board certified Occupational Health Medical Directors. Listed below are some of the services that OEHN Medical Directors provide to hospitals, government agencies and companies:

  • Review of the current state clinical practices and recommendations for the implementation of a best practice clinical occupational health model
  • On-going education within certain components of Occupational Health
  • Disability management and diagnosis of work related injuries and diseases
  • General assessment and consultation regarding a healthier work environment
  • General medical assessment and referral information
  • Assistance with the development, review and approval of policies and procedures, protocols related to Health and Safety Services
  • Employee Health Exams and clinical services performed by the OEHN on-site Medical Director in coordination with Occupational Health staff.
  • Review and implementation of a clinical metrics scorecard to provide the measurable value of the occupational health program.

OEHN also provides Occupational Health Nurses and Nurse Practitioners to companies, hospitals and educational institutions.